Database Searches


The Kent Reptile and Amphibian Group database now holds over 40,000 records. The records are being used to identify important herpetofauna sites across the county. Over the past years, KRAG has used the database to help better understand the distribution of amphibians and reptiles around the county and to identify and designate several Key Amphibian and Reptile Sites.

KRAG are also able to undertake Reptile and Amphibian database search requests for those organisations and individuals who need access to this important information. Although a small charge is applied to each search, all proceeds go directly to KRAG and help to cover the group’s running costs. Any surplus funds are channeled directly into KRAG’s conservation activities.

A standard search encompasses a 9 km square. This includes the 1 km square within which a grid reference is specified, together with the eight surrounding squares.

The KRAG database provides the following information:

  • Summary of available records
  • List of all records within the search area (including distances and directions)
  • An assessment of the likelihood of reptiles or amphibians being found within your search area
  • Summary of Key Sites (as appropriate)

Database search fees are modest. Standard fees are £60 plus VAT. Conservation organisatons and educational organisations are able to request searches completely free of charge. Searches are also free to all Data Sharing Partners that actively support the database through the submission of records.  When asking for a free database search please use an e-mail address from the organisation that qualifies for free searches (e.g. Hadlow College students use your student e-mail and not a personal one).

If you have a more complicated search request (e.g. records from a wide area, or along a road or pipeline), please email KRAG to request an estimate.

Please note that requests will be processed within 14 days (often much more quickly) so please do not follow up requests before 14 days has elapsed.

Payment Terms

Database searches are managed on behalf of KRAG by Calumma Ecological Services who will invoice after a search has been requested that must be paid within 30 days of receipt.  Database searches can only be paid by bank transfer or by cheque.  Please note that database search fees are subject to VAT.

  • 01. Contact Information

  • 02. Request Type

    Please Note: Free database searches are made available under a fair use policy. We expect Data Sharing Partners and Conservation Organisations to release as many records as possible to KRAG. Free database searches may not be available to users who do not contribute records to our system.
  • 03. Requested search area

  • Grid LettersEastingsNorthings
    Grid reference (e.g. TR 023 654):
  • Distance to search from centre of site.
  • 04. Your Reference

  • If you have an internal reference number or purchase order that needs to appear on the invoice please enter it here:
  • 05. Additional Information

  • 06. Payment

    Please Note: An invoice will be sent after a search has been requested that must be paid within 30 days of receipt. Database searches can only be paid by bank transfer or by cheque. Please be aware that Calumma Ecological Services manage the database on KRAG's behalf and invoices will be issued by Calumma Ecological Services.