Data Sharing Partners

Organisations donating their observations to KRAG (Data Sharing Partners) can receive free* access to the county database.

What are Data Sharing Partners?

KRAG is pleased to be able to offer the opportunity for organisations to become Data Sharing Partners. Essentially, what this means is that in return for an organisation donating its observations of amphibians and reptiles to KRAG it has free* access to the entire county database at no charge.  KRAG benefits by receiving data that might not otherwise be contributed and the organisation can avoid the costs that can be associated with obtaining database searches (currently £60 for a standard search).  KRAG feels that this is an excellent way to ensure that the database contains as many of the observations of amphibians and reptiles in Kent which can be used to aid the conservation of species in the county.  As well as this, a Data Sharing Partner can access their own data at any point so this service also offers a secure storage system for an organisation’s amphibian and reptile records.

The county database of Herpetofauna

The county database is managed by KRAG in partnership with Calumma Ecological Services. However, the database contains records from hundreds of individual recorders and numerous different organisations.  Only by collaborating can we ensure that the database contains as many observations of amphibians and reptiles as possible.

How does my organisation get involved?

Any organisation can apply to be a Data Sharing Partner. All they need to do is contact KRAG  and ask to be sent a data sharing agreement.  This simple document outlines how KRAG intends to use the data that is shared and how the Data Sharing Partner can access records from the database.

Are there any restrictions?

Free* access to the database is only in the form of standard searches. This is a search for all records within a radius of up to 2kms of a central point.  This is adequate for most purposes.  KRAG also operates a ‘Fair Usage Policy’.  A Data Sharing Partner is entitled to one database search for every ten records donated.