Kent Reptile & Amphibian Group (KRAG) promotes Herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians) conservation in Kent, South-East England.


KRAG’s primary purpose is to record herpetofauna (amphibians and reptiles) in the county of Kent. We want to build up long-term records for key sites in Kent  in an attempt to understand the ecology of these wonderful creatures as well as safeguarding them from development or mismanagement. We achieve this through our own recording projects, encouraging others to record amphibians and reptiles and providing a secure database for others to submit their findings. We actively welcome records from the general public.

  • Submit your amphibian and reptile sightings online
  • Get involved – Join KRAG! or participate in one of our projects

Information and advice

We provide general advice on reptiles and amphibians and their habitat management to conservation organisations and the general public.

Raising awareness

Public events include rambles led by experienced recorders, practical habitat conservation days and popular survey training sessions. We produce a twice yearly newsletter for members.

Reptiles and amphibians are under threat in Kent, as in the rest of the United Kingdom, from development, persecution and general loss of habitat. Could you become an active member of KRAG and help them?

Corporate services

KRAG offers database searches to those who need access to amphibian and reptile records at specific locations.  Find out more and request a database search.

Organisations can share their data with KRAG and benefit from free database searches, secure storage of your records as well as furthering herpetofauna research in Kent. Find out more about becoming a Data Sharing Partner.

KRAG takes the protection of members and data providers’ personal details seriously and has a data protection policy.

KRAG is an affiliate of Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK, a network of wildlife volunteer groups which aim to protect and conserve the native amphibians & reptiles of the UK.  For more information about ARG UK visit their website.